Wednesday, August 6, 2014

The Spice Girls make Table runners!

Now don't get too excited... I don't think any of these ladies is married to an attractive British Soccer player but they were making the Spicy Spiral Table Runner!
Above is "Soft Spice"- with her masterpiece almost ready for quilting- she is in her pastel period as a quilt artist ( see Baltimore album post from couple weeks ago!).
Below: "Baby Spice" with a slightly different pattern in mind but sewn all by herself! :-) 
She was helping Grandma in class.
 Below is "Cranberry Spice" She is a lover of a certain color scheme....
 Here is "Autumn Spice" with her fall color spiral
 Here is "Happy Spice" she was having a good time working on her beautiful runner.
 And here is teacher, ahem... "Bulls Eye Spice", she is not using her sharp shooting skills in this picture but her talent behind the machine is spot on!
Now who borrowed my Spice Girls CD?????

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