Saturday, August 16, 2014

Open House wrap up

Folks we had a great day with you today! It is always fun to have everyone jazzed up about taking new classes and learning new things. 

Remember you can continue to sign up for any classes that are not full anytime at the shop, Open house is kind of a "kickstarter" but if you couldn't make it you can still take a class if you'd like.
Class supplies are 15% off for students enrolled in the class AND you get 15% anything you buy on the day of your class!

A little trivia for you... fabric from this bolt of fabric sold about a dozen times today! Sometimes I didn't even get it back on the shelf before someone else wanted some! And unbelievable there is still a wee bit left. I can't wait to see some of the cute projects that you all make with it!
Have a great weekend! Happy Sewing!

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