Wednesday, August 20, 2014

So small you might have missed it at Open house!

One of our teachers, Tina offers a class on these sweet embellished Needlebooks: A great way to learn and practice hand embroidery stitches and you end up with a beautiful and useful product. 
What will yours look like?
Will you keep it or give it as a gift?
 Spots for pins, needs, scissors, seam ripper etc...

 the back side:
 Or a different option:
 Still with felt pages for pins, needles, appliques:
 Pockets for tools etc...
 And another beautifully embellished back side:
Still room in the class! 
 Class meets 3 times: Saturday 11/22, 12/6 and 12/13 
from 10 am-1pm. 
A new technique is taught at every $15 session. 
,Would make a great Christmas gift or birthday gift

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