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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

January Open House

Hi Folks! It looks like we are approaching another Open House Event on January 21 from 10am-4pm.  

Here are a few things to keep in mind that might make your Open House day more enjoyable and less waiting in long lines:

1.Come later in the day! After 2 pm the lines are significantly lower and we are still going strong! Parking is easier and it's less crowded.
Image result for no parking signs2. Please DO NOT PARK at TAD's Bar and Grill next door! We try to stay on good terms with our neighbors! We have lots of parking in the back of our building and our staff and Gloyer's staff all park across the street that day to give you even more parking! Please feel free to stop in at Gloyers and browse their adorable gift section that day as a thank you!

Image result for be kind signs3. Please do not get in the cutting lines before you are done browsing the fabrics. It is not fair to folks behind you if you are adding and adding to your bolts in the line. 

NEW! 4. We will have a cutting table set up in our office (near the batik section), if you don't mind dropping your fabric off we will cut it behind the scenes while you walk around and enjoy the rest of the event. One of our runners will find you when you order is cut and bring you the goods you selected all ready to go.

5. We have a limited number of shopping totes. We are perfectly comfortable with you bringing your own to make your shopping easier.

6.  Our teachers prepare samples, class supply lists and even bring food  to share for this event. Please spend some time in the classroom. It's a feast for the eyes and there is even a spread of food in there! Sign up for a class to learn something new!

7. We do not accept credit cards for classes. This includes ANY plastic with a chip in it- they all run as a credit card if they have a chip. We accept Checks ( they do not get cashed until the day of your class!) and Cash for classes. 
Image result for cash
8. We will have a line for Cash only at the check out. If you bring cash this line is usually considerably faster than the credit line! This also helps us out because credit cards take a percentage of sales and as a small business every little bit helps! Please consider paying with cash!

9. Please do not ask us to cut fabric earlier in the week and put it on hold for Saturday. It is not fair to others and we do not allow this- the sale price (25% off all in-stock inventory) is for Saturday cuts ( 1/2 yard or more). The only exception to this is folks signing up for the beginner classes who receive a voucher for their fabric purchase.

10.  Please check out our class information online. Our website has a great downloadable class description document on the classes page! Clicking  HERE will also get you to the file!

We are looking forward to a successful event! See you then!

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Open House is on Saturday!

This Saturday is our summer Open House. 
We have this event twice a year to launch our class season and we celebrate it with a big sale! 
25% off Store Wide! 
The sale includes fabrics (1/2yd cuts or more), notions, thread (stock up!), batting (who wants to pay full price for something you don't even see!), rulers, patterns and books!
Here is a nifty photo blast of SOME of our classes!
 For a complete list click HERE
Botanical Art taught by Susi Looney

Botanical Art taught by Susi Looney
Sew Together Bag taught by Joan Corson
It's a Sweatshirt! taught by Patsy Mosby
Beginner 9 Patch taught by Patsy Mosby
Gemini taught by Joan Corson
Margaret's Shopping Bag taught by Margaret Grice
Garden Rose Scarf Pins taught by Yvonne Wilson
Coiled Trivet taught by Venetta Morger
Fab 5 Remix taught by Joan Corson
Cosmic Twist Bargello taught by Kathy Ryan
We can't wait to see you all on Saturday!
Remember, parking behind the store accessible by the driveway that runs along the Gloyer's side of the building and there is even a door to the store open back there for you to use!
Teachers do not take credit cards for classes so bring cash or checks for class payments. 
Supplies are bought through the store and we accept credit, cash, debit and check!
There will be a line but we have upgraded to 2 check-outs so it should not be as bad as last time!
Refreshments are available in the classroom.

Come on in and be inspired!

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Gift Card winner

Congratulations to "Bingle's Mom" for winning our $50 gift card.
 Please stop in to the shop and pick it up at your convenience! 
And thank you all for all the kind words and for following the blog!

Thursday, July 21, 2016

100 Blog Followers Giveaway!

Hey everyone! We were notified today that we have exactly 100 blog followers! 
Thank you everyone who takes the time to read our little blog here! 
As a thank you, we would like to have a drawing for a Gift Card! The card will be for $50 to the lucky winner. 
Redeemable on merchandise he or she chooses at the shop! 
The drawing will be pulled from the list of people who leave a comment on this post. 
Here are the specifics:
You must post your comment to this post, before August 1, 2016. 
You must be able to come in the shop and pick up your gift card.
Drawing will be held on August 1, 2016 and we will post the winning person on the blog.
One entry per person please.
Now aren't you glad you read the blog today!

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Shop News and new fabrics!

We are about one month in to Row by Row and we have already sold over 225 kits for our row! Thank you everyone who has stopped in and made us a part of your Shop Hop! We are continuing to make more kits in response to the increased participation! You still have more than 6 weeks left to participate in the Row by Row shop hop which is now WORLD WIDE! There are shops everywhere! Check the Row by Row website here for more information!
Our shop has had its winner but there are many local shops that haven't! Here is Charlotte with her Row by Row winning quilt:
Congratulations Charlotte! 
Edyta Sitar has come out with a beautiful line of colonial blues mixed with creams and tans. This is definitely an up and coming color combination. We are seeing it in several fabric lines and designers. Very home decorator friendly and mixing prints with batiks as Edyta has taught us all to do! 

Next we have this beautiful skyline panel. The colors are so happy!
After several requests by customers we are carrying a couple of Tula Pink Wide Backs! 

 AND Drumroll please: Kaffe Fassatt has started to print some WIDEBACK fabrics! 

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Bendy Bags and Sweet Pea Pod sets

A couple of years ago Lazy Girl Designs came out with the Bendy Bag pattern. I made and enjoyed it though frankly felt it was a little wasteful because in making it you cut out and wasted a couple of large hunks of fabric which goes against the grain of most fabric connoisseurs (hoarders) like myself!
Then more recently, (and brilliantly) Wah Lah!: Sweetpea Pods pattern was born, which uses the exact pieces you were cutting and throwing out of the Bendy bag pattern! Perfect! Now you can make adorable and coordinated little sets with NO waste! 

Notice the mix and match zippers? In the Sweetpea Pod pattern she teaches you how to swap out the zipper heads for a more fun and funky product! You can make one set with 2 zippers, one extra zipper head, 1/4 fusible fleece and 1/2 yd of fabric! If you want to play with some zipper colors Atkinson made that possible too:
Now you can buy extra zipper heads to mix and match!
They even use the extra zipper length in the bag:
Bendy Bags: Perfect for storing CD's, make up, school supplies, a sewing kit, phone, and accessories.
Sweetpea Pods: Great for storing Wonder Clips, loose change, make-up, candy, bobbins, beads, and more!
These make great gift sets!
Great rainy day project too! Quick to make and take!

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Pattern Review " Girly Bubble Romper" by Little Lizard King

Jody made an adorable little romper this week out of some of our cotton lawn fabrics. For those who are unfamiliar with cotton lawn:
Lawn cloth or lawn is a plain weave textile, originally of linen but now chiefly cotton. Lawn is designed using fine, high count yarns, which results in a silky, untextured feel. (courtesy of Wikipedia)
 Jody feels the lawn fabric is a great choice for summer wear in Houston heat, very light. It is advisable to sew with a smaller needle size like a 75 or 80 (topstitch). If your machine gets hungry and tries to eat the lightweight lawn use a single hole needle plate in your machine throat. A little leader fabric (scrap) folded up and loaded in just ahead of your project fabric can also be used to fend off the machine munchies.
With the fabric scraps Jody was able to fashion a little hair accessory!
 The romper pattern is "super duper easy" in Jody's rating, only 2 pattern pieces. Brilliant pattern tip: Instead of cutting your pattern pieces out, trace them onto Pattern EZ or tracing paper so that you can use them repeatedly in different sizes without sacrificing a copy of your pattern! Especially helpful with children's clothing since the little munchkins grow so darn fast!
 Tips for pattern success: Here is the one we all know and summarily ignore: Read the pattern instructions before starting. Ummm this may save you a lot of time-- like the inordinate amount of time it took Jody to find the shoulder tie instructions, which are on page 7 she says! :-)
The big intimidating part of this pattern is the elastic around the leg holes- no problem: the pattern doesn't even use a casing- it is just stitched on with a zig-zag stitch, couldn't be quicker. If you have a serger a rolled hem around those leg holes would look great-- maybe in a contrasting thread??? 
Wouldn't that be cute?
So who is ready to try making some baby clothes????
Thank you Jody for the adorable sample!