Wednesday, March 2, 2011


These are things we have overheard in the shop and classroom lately- cute!

Is this too RED red? or not enough red?
You've got a thread on you....
Oh we are so bad!
Do you have anything that will match this?
Wait! You've got another thread on you.
Oh my gosh!
How big is a quilt exactly?
Does this store make quilts?
You are gonna hate me
It's me, your favorite headache!
You've got a thread right...there got it
Are we out of wine?
I need more fabric
I don't need ANY more fabric
Do you sell quilts here?
Oh that is beautiful.
Here let me get this thread off your shirt
I ran out of thread!
I need chocolate.
I cut my fabric wrong.
I cut my fabric wrong again!
Do you have any chocolate?
My machine is making a weird noise.
OH boy here I go again.
I will have to hide this when I carry it in the house.
I really don't need this but I have to have it.
Who made THIS?
I bent a pin.
That is just the cutest thing!
Put it on my tab please.
Oh I need one of these!
Do these scissors cut?
Oh! It got me!
OH would love this!
I don't need another project...
Have you tried this pattern?
Broke a needle!
I am sooo late!
My car drove here by itself, I swear!
I am my own best customer (Deb)
I have always wanted to learn to quilt!
I ate too much at Whistle Stop!
I am a beginner
My mother gave me this quilt and.....
I don't want YELLOW brown, I want GREEN Brown.
No that purple is too purpley.
No too light.
No too dark.
hmm...not dark enough.
I don't care for that.
I will know what I want when I see it.
You should see my stash!
I need to clean my sewing room.
I have too many projects started.
Anyone have a seam ripper?????
Wait now I am sewing what? to what?
No more zippers.
Shoot I lost my needle.
I am looking for a fabric with zebras on it.
Do you have fabric with chicken wire on it?
I need fabric with watermelons on it.
Do you sell any fabric with soccer balls on it?
hot air balloons?
golf balls?
purple and red flowers with white polka-dots?
Do you sell A&M fabric?
Oh God! Not orange fabric! WE are AGGIES.
You've got a... well, you know...

We love our customers. You guys are so fun, zany, sweet and talented! We are so grateful for all you share with us- stories, laughs, inspiration, suggestions, compliments, creativity, time and your beautiful, beautiful quilts. Thank you.


  1. I could see this as a future "Stories of a Quilt Show" magazine article!