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Sunday, March 27, 2011


Are you ready for another swap?  Everywhere on the quilt blogs I read online they are talking about swapping Mug Rugs! I can't resist it anymore!

MUG RUG SWAP! It's on!
Your mug rug can be any design, any color but must measure around 6"x10" in size have a front and back and binding made of fabric and it must be quilted with batting in the middle just like a little quilt.  These are perfect little projects for using up fabric scraps and leftover bits of binding.
So these are basically little mini quilts perfect for resting your coffee cup on with a nice biscuit, scone or cookie right beside it! Or just beautiful little quilts to collect, display around your house or give as gifts.
Be creative there is a bit more design space than the postcards we previously swapped so have some fun BUT on these please do not embellish with anything bumpy or unwashable since we want our cups to rest on these and we are likely to wash them. As with all exchanges please remember to give the quality work and fabric you want to receive back!
For each mug rug you drop off to swap, you will receive one back made by someone else AND for each mug rug you swap you'll put your name in for a $50 gift card drawing to Quilters Crossing!
Win, Win right?
Drop off your completed Mug Rugs by May 31st and put your name in the gift card drawing once for each mug rug you swap.
Pick up your new Mug Rugs on June 7th or later (sorry you'll have to come back to the shop for these as they are harder to mail). We will have them in the shop for a week on display for the first week of June.
We will announce the Gift Card winner on June 7th on the blog.

For a tutorial on how I made the mug rug shown above click here

There are mug rug swaps going on all over the internet right now so search for mug rug images if you need inspiration. They can be traditional or abstract, pictorial, colorful or monotone the sky is the limit with design choices so try it out.  It also makes a great little spot to practice some fun quilting.
If you have any questions just let us know. We'll have a few on display at the shop so come on in and check them out! 


  1. I'll try my hand at this. But maybe I ought to finish my taxes first. Nay I'll do it on break times. Something small and I might finish it.

  2. These are quick and fun to make. I'll try to drop off a couple.

  3. Assembly line them and you could make several at a time?! Sounds like a good idea now to do it...