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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Pincushion Swap update!

We are starting to get a lot of pincushions for the swap.
 Everyday something adorable is brought in! 
Today this little beauty walked in the door:
But I didn't want to stick pins in her because she wasn't a pincushion and she looked so darn cute in her new dress made from some of our Heather Bailey fabric that I had to take her picture! Thank you Jodie for letting me take the picture.  For the record Jodie has also already turned in a pincushion so our double thanks to her!
HERE, are some of the adorable pincushions pics!
 A tiny little Pumpkin
 A potted cactus
 A nice heavy square pincushion with a quilted center.
 Yup this one has a feather boa on it ladies!
 Cute critters!
 And YUM!
As you can see small/ large, heavy/light they are all really fun.  
You still have another week to turn one in and one of these could be yours! Details at the shop and here

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