Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Petal Pushers Class with Nova Montgomery

These lovely ladies from Tri-County Quilt Guild joined us at Quilters Crossing today for Nova Montgomery's workshop called "Petal Pushers"
 Anita and Tina 

 Carol and Janet ( who elected not to be in her picture- which I understand, I am not usually thrilled to be in pictures either)

 Bankie ( Tri-County's President) and Kathi

 Jean and Pepper

Harriet and Kathy 
Somehow I missed Margaret who was sitting right by me the whole day, I guess I was too busy talking her ear off to take her picture. My apologies Margaret. 
 Here is a close up of some of the students work-- these are various students' work put together normally the flowers would all match but we wanted to see how they looked in a ring right away.
Nova gave a very informative lecture at the evening guild meeting Tuesday night on care and cleaning quilts. This was her third lecture for our guild and she continues to be a favorite speaker.
Thank you Nova for the great information and fun class, it is always a pleasure to see you! 
Featherweight owners- Nova is teaching a Care and Keeping of your Singer Featherweight at the International Quilt show again this year. You can sign up through the Quilts Inc. website!

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  1. Looks like it was a great class. The colors and the blocks are all really pretty!