Saturday, October 26, 2013

Schoolhouse 2013

Friday was the opening day of Quilt Market Fall 2013 at the George R. Brown. Nancy and I attended "Schoolhouse". 
Here we are at the beginning:
Excited to begin and feeling the Quilt Market "energy" surrounding us!
Here we are at the end:
Brains ready to burst after 14 classes EACH in one day!
Aren't you glad I had my iphone? How did we live our lives without being able to constantly document them via photo/instagram etc...? We were just missing out! :-)
Schoolhouse is a BIG day full of hard core shop owner education. There are speakers there to give you ideas on how to make your shop the best shop around, spice up your local quilting community by hosting events and lots of new products are demo'ed so that shop owners know all the cool things coming out that their customers will be wanting them to keep in stock. 
Some of the speakers are famous quilters, designers, and pattern makers but, some come from more of a marketing background or a social media background. Quite a range of options all with lots to offer someone looking to improve or fine tune their business. It is a great opportunity and boy are we lucky it is right here in Houston every year!
Stay tuned for what we learned while we were there in the next few blog posts!
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