Monday, October 15, 2012

Rest in Peace Violet

When we opened the shop we inherited a cat- Violet.
 There used to be a needlework shop on the corner of Commerce and Walnut. They had gotten her fixed and taken care of her before they closed. Then she moved over to our porch, where we fed her, though she ranged all around the Relics by the Railroad complex. Many of you have seen her. She liked to stand in front of the shop door and peek inside at what we were doing. 

Last week the folks from Charlotte's Saddlery came over to tell us they found Violet as she had died near their shop and they had taken her home with them to their property to bury her. She had lived on Commerce Street for 8 years they said- long life for a street kitty. 
We will miss her peeking in at us, rest in peace Miss Violet!


  1. Ooo How Sad. I'm gonna miss seeing her being all cute looking in the door.

  2. Sweet Violet - We will miss you - rest in peace girl ....

  3. poor baby. she did have a long street life.