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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Decorating with Hoops Tutorial

Over the years my mother and I have attempted a goodly number of crafts which has left us with a goodly amount of crafting supplies. We each had a number of old hoops in several different sizes. Putting them to good use we started using them like this in the shop but it would be adorable for decorating a nursery, classroom, sewing room etc...
Step 1: Assembly coordinating fabrics:
 Fabrics  must be about 2 inches wider than your hoops. As our largest hoops were 16" a fat quarter of fabric was the most we needed!
I put larger scale prints in large hoops and smaller scale in smaller but that is up to you as designer of course!
Step 2: Hoop your fabric as shown, the inner hoop isn't shown but it is behind this one. Get it in snugly so it looks tight in the hoop.  You can gently pull on the edges of fabric hanging out to eliminate any ripples or looseness.
 Step 3: Once you have it tight, flip it over, and as close as you can, trim away the excess fabric:
 Leaving you with this:
 See how the front looks nice and clean!
 When you have done a few you can start to arrange them so that you aren't randomly putting holes in the wall when you go to hang them. We moved them around a few times and added more hoops to get the look we wanted. We were going for a collage look.
 This was the end result:
 We added a cute table runner to fill the negative space left in our roof peak until we unearth some more hoops to fill up the space with!
And the great thing is when you are tired of these fabrics and want to change your decor you can just change out the fabrics!

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  1. I've been wanted to do that in my new sewing room ever since I saw your hoops in the shop.