Monday, April 30, 2012


Congratulations to Rhonda, for winning our Viewer's Choice $50 gift card! For this darling little art quilt for our Pick a Card Challenge:
And to Carol for her little beauty below for winning a $50 gift card for the drawing!
We collected over 300 votes from all sorts of people- our fabric reps, husbands, children and anyone else who happened to stroll into the shop! 
Even the Scissor Guy voted!
 The voters were so impressed by the entries. We were awed and grateful by how very seriously they took the voting. Everyone sincerely respected the entries, studied them and even asked questions! 
All of your work was exceptional and we have 

enjoyed having it in the shop. 
Thanks to everyone who entered, 
your talent really enriches our shop.


  1. Y'all have the BEST ideas for contests! I voted for both of the winning quilts...but boy, it was hard to narrow it down to two! Great job, all!

  2. I was so impresses by this activity and the
    Participants' skill
    I hope you do it again
    Jan A. From Quakertown Woodlands

  3. Love it when you have your little contests. It was hard to choose since all were choices were terrific.