Wednesday, October 6, 2010

We said what we meant and we meant what we said....

We knew it was a risky to open a quilt store without batiks. 
Nearly.  everyone.  loves.  batiks.  
We *love* batiks. 
BUT....we wanted to stand by our statement that we were not going to offer our customers the same old same old in fabrics. 
We really wanted to offer things that you couldn't get anywhere else or that you hadn't seen anywhere else yet. 
For the past two months we have felt our blood pressure hitch up nervously everytime a customer came in and said, "Where are your batiks?"
We have been tempted by companies that said, "You can get our batiks in less than a week!" But we crossed our arms and stayed true just like Horton in Horton Hears a Who? by Dr. Seuss.
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And now that wait is over... the batiks have arrived! 

They are in our store right now. 

You can come over and buy some and we really really hope you will!

Hoffman fabrics have brand new batiks out this year, in new colorways and new prints. 

 Prints that made even soft spoken Patricia say, "Oh that is beautiful!" 


  1. They are gorgeous!!!! I'll be in to the shop in November and I promise to buy a lot!

  2. I will come over tonight and see them! And if you need more room we can turn my house into part of your store ~ I am willing to make that sacrifice!

  3. Kerri, you are a better neighbor than Mr. Rogers girl! See you later!