Monday, July 12, 2010

Scissor Guy and other updates

Tuesday July the 20th the "Scissor Guy" will be at the shop in the afternoon, ready to sharpen all your - you guessed it-- scissors! He will also sharpen knives for your kitchen if you bring them. His prices are quite reasonable and he was a very busy and popular vendor at the Tri-County Quilt Show. So, if your tools are dull come on in and he'll take care of that for you and while he is busy sharpening you can shop in the store!
Here are some more pictures to persuade you.....
This is our color wall, we are a little shy of fat quarters but we'd be happy to cut them for you! Those middle shelves will be a burstin' with them soon enough!
Michael Miller Fabrics are in (and calling my name). They are another company you can mix and match fabrics with from one line to another.

Tri-County Quilt Guild had a bee meet at the shop on Sunday. We had snacks and coffee and we even did some sewing!!

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  1. That Jinny Beyer color wall is FABULOUS! Can't wait to stock up!!