Friday, November 8, 2013

Article about the shop

We were pleased to be asked by the Community Impact magazine to be interviewed for an article last month. 
They spotlight one local business per issue and we were honored and grateful to have our business selected. 
Mom and I were both anxious leading up to it because we knew there was a picture component to the interview and, as many of you know we both have PHOTOPHOBIA! 
Which means we prefer all photos of ourselves to be from an angle like this:
See how we didn't close our eyes in these two shots?

It turned out okay she just took some pics as we worked and didn't make us pose which helped. She was really nice and made us very comfortable.

The article is in this month's issue which you can see by clicking  here if you live outside of the mailing range.


  1. These are such good pictures of you. Yall look so much alike. Although, you look more like Sisters than Mother and Daughter. Hugggs.

  2. That was a nice write and the pictures were great.