Sunday, July 27, 2014

Life is a Journey!

We received this really pretty modern fabric line:
Kind of an experiment, to see if our customers have any interest in the modern genre of fabrics.
Ombre chevrons in red and teal! 
Map fabric:
 Teal and grey coordinates:
 The nifty border print:
 The collection:

Unique Christmas line

These are the Christmas themed fabrics from Janet Wecker-Frisch's "Handmaids" series. There are two panels. 
 Her artwork is lovely just framed but we have seen a couple of beautiful quilts made by customers with it too!
 Several lovely coordinates:

 This is running yardage but I love the angel wings on the dress forms.
A pretty border print: 
Close-ups of a few coordinates:

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Baltimore Beauties

Quilters Crossing teacher Patsy Mosby, teaches a Baltimore Album handwork class. Handwork is a normally a tough sell these days with everyone's busy schedule but seeing these beautiful dimensional blocks close up makes you realize it is worth the time and effort. Just beautiful!
Patsy, Bankie and Flo

Look at all these beautiful blocks! The time and effort, color choices, techniques....I hope to see them in a quilt show in the future!
Speaking of quilt shows.... we got word that Patsy will have a quilt at the International Quilt show this fall! Congratulations Patsy!

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

It Takes a Village

These pictures are from Susi Looney's, "It Takes a Village" class, here is Susi working along with her students, the project is designed by Susi herself!
Nancy K. decided to make her village a Halloween themed village:
 Our Nancy took the class as well, here is her peeking over her work in progress:
More smiles from other students: 

Paula was busy stamping her details on at one work station:
It was a fun and popular class, look for it to be offered again in the future!