Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Bunch of new items

FIRST, the mechanical seam rippers are in so get them while they are hot. If you have not yet heard of these little gems stop in and let us introduce them to you! They are a paper piecers best friend as they allow you to "reverse sew" with out ruining your paper pattern! Your family will all be impressed at your mastery of this new power tool!
Is this not THE cutest ruler you have ever seen? The little hearts are grippy to steady your fabric as you cut for more accurate cutting!
 Velvety rick rack in blue and off white!

 New patterns with Cat/vegetable themes:
 And new BJ designs patterns for the Machine applique-ers : 

 New Quilt pattern from Bunny Hill Designs utilizing yo-yos and piecing 

Saturday, March 24, 2012

More Challenge Entries!

Carol's Entry to the Pick a Card, Any Card Challenge:
 And here is the card that inspired it:
 And here is Pat's entry complete with Trapunto heart balloons!! 
So cute!
There is still time to enter the challenge you have 3 more weeks! It is starting to get exciting. We have several cute entries! 
What is yours going to be???
April 14th is the cut off day!!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Twister party today!

Here are some shots from the fun Let's Twist party we had today at the shop.  Everyone had different choices for fabrics,  some from scraps and some from charm packs-- all of them came out just great!
Deb used 30's reproduction fabrics: 
Batiks were Susan and Samantha's choice but in different color ways: 

 Pat used dramatic Black and white prints from her stash for a dramatic effect with the yellow background:
 Deb dug through her stash for cute prints and tone on tones:
 Texas Themed Charm pack for Lil! She's here placing her twisted squares back in order for the second sewing- like a little puzzle to figure out where each goes.
Samantha's finished! 
 Working on borders:
 Deb just needing a border:
 Jane auditioning borders:

Lil's Texas complete: 
It was lots of fun ladies! Hope you enjoyed it and do some more twisting on your own!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

New stuff! and Challenge entries so far!

Second generation of the Mrs. Sew and Sew Line from RJR fabrics including a panel:
And coordinates:
Sewing machines, Dress forms and thimbles:
More batik FAT BACKS have arrived, these are hard to find:

New Rulers
 Paper piecing instructional video from none other than Carol Doak:
******************Challenge Entries**************
Sharon's Quilt 
Made from this card: 
 Dee's Entry and her card:
 Deborah's entry and Card
Get your entries finished up and turned in by April 14th!! We can't wait to see them in the shop, lots of folks have been admiring the entries already turned in so we thank Sharon, Dee and Deborah for getting the ball rolling!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Pick a Card, Any Card Extended

We are extending the Challenge ( blog post January 1, 2012) due to, quilt shows, tax season, etc....it has been a busy couple of months for our customers and for us. 
We have had three people turn in cards and quilts for the challenge. Thank you Deborah, Sharon and Dee! We know of several more customers who are working on theirs. 
We are going to extend the deadline until April 14th. You can turn them in until close of business on April 14th.  So get started if you haven't already or finish up if you have and get it turned in. 
I will post some pics to inspire you all soon!

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Tri County Quilt Show Wrap Up

Fresh from the show out at the Berry Center I thought I would post some pictures. I tried to grab friends as they came by our booth to take pictures of them with their quilts but it was a busy in our booth so I only got a few unfortunately.
Here are some "celebrity" shots from today:
Judy, all smiles with her labor of love celebrating her parents. The quilt says "It's nice to be nice" and she sure is!
Belinda with her stunning Ivy Twist Quilt done in wildflower fabrics.  She had her two daughters there today supporting her in her first show and, she was everywhere helping and pitching in, supporting the guild and our shop. Thank you so much Belinda!
 Many of you are familiar with Nancy from the shop, it was her first quilt show entry as well! Nancy's Christmas trees (above) and her Green with Envy French Braid below both showed proudly! We couldn't do it without you Nancy! Hugs!

 Carolyn (seen in photos above and below) who teaches paper piecing classes at the shop, earned two ribbons for these beauties as did Ida, for the professional quilting on them. 
Ida teaches machine quilting at the shop as well.
Below is Bankie Lavender, President of the guild with her beautiful Texas quilt! 
 Here is Susi Looney who teaches Design Your Own Applique at the shop, posing with her granddaughter Ivy, standing next to her dragonfly quilt. 

 Judy Turner posing proudly with a T-shirt quilt she made for her grandson.

Here is some more "eye candy" for you of quilts made by friends who I didn't catch in pictures and I haven't had on the blog before:
 Deb entered this quilt of her own design in the Challenge category, "Piecing it all Together". It is a compilation of skills she learned in various workshops she has taken over the last couple of years.
Charmaine's version of Judy Niemeyer's pattern "Pepperdish". 
This quilt is so photogenic it just glowed with red and yellow brilliance.
Charmaine's entry in the large professionally quilted category, original pattern by Pam Buono. The precision was excellent.
 One of Valerie's entries above was beautiful in pinks and creams and HUGE!
Another huge quilt, this one by Kathy who also teaches at the shop and simply loves green entered this striking quilt the turquoise green and copper contrast was eye catching!

I hope that you enjoyed this little taste of the show. It was really a successful show and though only our second show as a guild I think it looked quite professional! 
A quilt show can't happen without quilters being willing to share their quilts.  Thank you to everyone who entered a quilt. They MADE the show- each and every quilt playing a part. It was truly enjoyable to share it with all of you. Thanks to all of you who didn't enter a quilt but supported the guild with your time and energy in making the show work. Many hands make light work.
And last but not least thank you friends who kept checking on us in our booth, helped us set up and tear down our very first booth, brought us food, and drinks (and aspirin!), kept us apprised of how things were going and ran to get pictures of things when we couldn't! 
The Quilters Crossing Family is MADE up of all of you!
 Thank you so much.
Congrats Tri-County on a great show.