Sunday, June 19, 2016

Bendy Bags and Sweet Pea Pod sets

A couple of years ago Lazy Girl Designs came out with the Bendy Bag pattern. I made and enjoyed it though frankly felt it was a little wasteful because in making it you cut out and wasted a couple of large hunks of fabric which goes against the grain of most fabric connoisseurs (hoarders) like myself!
Then more recently, (and brilliantly) Wah Lah!: Sweetpea Pods pattern was born, which uses the exact pieces you were cutting and throwing out of the Bendy bag pattern! Perfect! Now you can make adorable and coordinated little sets with NO waste! 

Notice the mix and match zippers? In the Sweetpea Pod pattern she teaches you how to swap out the zipper heads for a more fun and funky product! You can make one set with 2 zippers, one extra zipper head, 1/4 fusible fleece and 1/2 yd of fabric! If you want to play with some zipper colors Atkinson made that possible too:
Now you can buy extra zipper heads to mix and match!
They even use the extra zipper length in the bag:
Bendy Bags: Perfect for storing CD's, make up, school supplies, a sewing kit, phone, and accessories.
Sweetpea Pods: Great for storing Wonder Clips, loose change, make-up, candy, bobbins, beads, and more!
These make great gift sets!
Great rainy day project too! Quick to make and take!