Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Spring 2015 updates

If you have signed up for our email then you already know that we are moving to a new location on Memorial day weekend. If you haven't you can do this on the homepage of our website: 
We will be moving!
 We will be down there on the right side of the building, where "The Racing Station" was previously located. We will share a building with Gloyers Pharmacy and Gift Shop! It is almost twice the size of our current location and while we love the Relics by the Railroad neighborhood we are looking forward to bringing our customers more in our new space! 
We realize a lot of the charm of our shop is the coziness, so we are working on giving the new shop some character so it doesn't loose the Quilters Crossing feel.
We are working on our sign which will replace the FOR LEASE sign shown above!
One of the most frequent questions we have been asked is what will happen to the cat "Mama Kitty" who lives on our porch. Rest assured we have found a home for her and she will not be at the new shop. We will try to keep you updated on how she adjusts to her new digs! 
Thank you all for making our business a success and making this move possible!