Monday, September 30, 2013

Fabric Bowls with Venetta!

Last week we had a full house for fabric bowls class.
Venetta had her usual high energy class and everyone was very productive and came away with finished bowls!

 Sorry Mary, I caught you talking!

 A future in modeling perhaps?
Having a lot of fun either way!

Always a fun day with Venetta, she is offering Mini Mosaics in 2014 as a new class- check it out! 

Friday, September 27, 2013

More Owls

We received a shipment of some cute owl fabrics in soft colors: 
with some coordinates:
And a cute border print:

 Remember I said the new Timeless treasure precut batiks came with a free pattern? Well Nancy was very industrious and whipped up this colorful table runner from a charm pack seen below:
Very pretty and perfect for fall!
Also, we were able to reorder the camp-a-lot line from Riley Blake for folks who were interested in making the quilt from our free pattern or because they had their own plans for these adorable fabrics!
The fabrics should be in the store soon!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

I mean is she ready to shop or what?

Thank you for the most excellent photo op! We enjoyed having your retreat group's stop at the shop!

"SPOTS! I love your dots" she said!

A good friend of ours named Debbie was in the shop today and saw these new fabrics and shouted, "Spots! I love your dots!" so I had to use that as our title for this post! 
These are new jewel tones prints from Michael Miller. 
All the fabrics are super cute!
 And more with hedgehogs and owls! Check out that plaid!
 And this is a border print!
And Chevrons in new colors! I mean REALLY! We can hardly keep chevrons in stock they are so popular right now! And these are the prettiest colors we have seen yet!
And then we have some novelties: 
purses, ties, spools, 
 And eyeglasses!
 And these two cheater clothes! One is hexies! I am so excited!

Also some pretty softer prints that we thought were very unique:
(These are actually whiter in person but the photo didn't get the color right.)

Monday, September 16, 2013

New Pre-cut Possibilities!

Timeless Treasures batik fabric precuts now come with a free pattern. Below are their charm packs. Check out the cute packaging technique so you can actually see what you are buying instead of them being in stack! Love it!
And they have a new size precut that they package in this little brick. It is a 6"xWOF cut and it also comes with a free pattern
Pretty neat options here! Can't wait to see some quilts made up!

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Sweet Serenade from Moda

And now....

 We ordered layer cakes, charm packs, and jelly rolls from this line to accompany the half assortment of bolts....
 It is very soft and shabby chic with charcoals and corals...
..... some lovely cream tones
 and light turquoise tones
 many of the fabrics have a collage effect with florals, music and birds mixed in.

Friday, September 13, 2013


Camp-a-lot Quickie
(Camp-a-Lot fabrics are by Riley Blake Company and available at Quilters Crossing)

You will need:
1 Camp-a-lot layer cake
1 Camp-a-lot panel
7/8 yard light beige background
1 1/2 yards backing (I used fireflies)
1/2 yard binding ( I used brown zig-zags)
Optional: 1 1/2 yds wonder under or steam a seam

Cut your beige background fabric to measure: 29”x39”
Cut 8 of your layer cake squares in half so you have 16 5”x10” pieces. I stuck to the darker prints so there would be plenty of contrast. Be mindful of the directional fabrics---->(If they are directional think about how you will place them around the 29”x39” panel and let that determine whether you cut them up and down or side to side- if you want all your words etc.. to be right side up.)

Lay your 5”x10” pieces around your beige background. You want an even distribution- move them around until you like what you see! ------>Remember to be careful with the directional fabrics if you want everything right side up! Sometimes it is easier to space them out and then fill in with the ones that aren’t directional.
You will sew three end to end for the top and repeat that for the bottom. Sew onto the beige panel top and bottom. Press.
The sides will each have 5 sewn end to end. Sew them together and then sew onto each side. 

Option 1.You can make a “ticker tape” quilt from here- meaning you will layer the quilt thus far on batting and the backing as you would to baste but do not pin! 
FIRST cut up the panel arrange the pieces in a pleasing way leaving 1/4-1/2” space all around. Move them, rearrange etc... You will have a few holes that you can fill in by cutting pieces of your leftover layer cake to size for the hole. When you have everything as you like it all the holes filled THEN you pin everything down with safety pins-- going through all the layers. Take the quilt to the machine and do a narrow but dense zig-zag stitch around each patch. This method makes puffy little pillows in each patch and is quick and easy. It will fray when washed and is generally not as durable an end product but is a fun and easy method. After all the patches are stitched down you quilt the border as you please and finish it off with binding as you normally would any quilt.

Option 2. You can make a sturdier version of this quilt by applying a fusible to the panel BEFORE you cut it up. Then proceed to arrange the pieces as above in option one. Fill in the holes with your extra layer cake pieces be sure to apply the fusible to them as well. Once your arrangement works for you, iron down all your patches and proceed to layer your quilt with batting and backing and stitch down all the patches with a narrow, dense zig zag stitch through all the quilt layers. Then finish the quilting of the border as you please and bind normally.

(note- I did not use every bit of the panel, there were some leftover which could be used on the back as a label)

Sunday, September 8, 2013

New in the shop this week!

New from Riley Blake, "Camp-a-lot" layer cake precuts and fabric bolts including and adorable panel! 
 check out the detail! Especially the fireflies, they are adorable!
New quilt kits from In the Beginning by Jason Yenter will be available called "Autumn Harvest" 
The following are fabrics from the Autumn harvest line:
 rich and elegant...
American Jane "Potluck" Fat Quarter Precuts!
And we are now restocked with The Guide for any customers wanting to participate in the Quilt Across Texas Shop Hop which lasts the entire month of September!