Wednesday, February 23, 2011

We got your back baby!

New Tonga Batik quilt backs came in today making our total number of bolts of quilt backing fabrics 37!! 
Yes we have over 3 dozen fat backs!
Here are the newbies and gosh they are pretty....♥♥♥♥♥♥

They are 106 inches from selvage to selvage folks. Sweet!
We also got some fabric perfect for rodeo season called Buckaroo!
 These sort of look like leatherwork
 Love the words on the fabric- these were designed by a company that was originally a scrapbooking supply company and they are branching out into fabric. Pretty good I think!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Do you blog?

Hello folks! 
I am a big blog reader and of course I write the blog for the shop but, many of you don't know that I have a blog of my own as well. 
our daffodills are already blooming at our house!
Click on HERE, it will take you right there!
Cool right?
Well we recently found out that some of our customers have blogs of their own and we thought maybe some of you would like to meet some more of you? So would you?
If you would like to publicize your blog with our other customers please reply with a comment and leave your blog's address in the reply so other readers can find you!
Also so everyone can play.... even if you don't have a blog of your own you can post what your favorite blog to read is from those you have been reading on your own! 
Thanks everybody, we can't wait to meet more quilters!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Welcome to Camelot

A beautiful line of fabric came in to the shop this week called Camelot
It is going to be a multi- generational line in that this is the first generation and more will follow. 
It also has a pattern book with several beautiful books in it.
The prints are all different sizes and in very rich colors and beautiful antiquey looking textures. 
We couldn't decide what to pick so we got EVERY one of them!

We have also added more fabrics to our 30% off fabrics:
 Violet Wishes on sale! 30% off
as well as many other fabrics!! Come check it out.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Steady Betty and Sale Fabrics

We have started carrying "Steady Bettys".  
Have you heard of these?
We have two sizes as you can see....
They are unique pressing surfaces for quilters.  The boards have a spongy coating on both sides and you can press on either side.  What is cool is that it sort of grips the table you have it laying on so it doesn't slide around while you are pressing-- BUT your fabric also stays put on the board while you are pressing it which keeps you from distorting your fabric with your iron!  
The other cool thing is the board! Have you ever burned yourself while trying to manipulate fabric on your ironing board because your board has gotten really hot? Steady Betty stays cooler, no more burnt fingers from your board, you can lift your fabric off  and move it around safely much more quickly.
We have a few in the classroom for anyone to try and some for sale in the shop. 
On sale for 30% off:Tea Party 
( we even have 2 kits available for this!) 
Originally $45.99 now Only $32.20
And also 30% off is Mrs. Green Thumbs:
It has a 6 block panel too:

Friday, February 11, 2011

Valentines Comin' Your Way+ Flirty New Fabric


We are all done swapping Valentines and they were dropped in the mail to their new owners so watch for them in the mail ladies! We hope it makes everyone's Valentine's Day sweet!  We had 21 people participate! 
Many of you tried post card making for the very first time.  If this has got you hooked you can check out several yahoo groups where they exchange postcards all the time ( is one) to add to your collections.  
A big THANK YOU! to all our participants for making this swap so successful and fun! Watch for more swaps coming soon!


New in the shop this week we have 
Dragonfly Daze put out by Northcott:

It also has these two beautiful patterns designed around it:
Just in time for Valentine's day we also received Flirtation also from Northcott: 

And this beautiful pattern that gives fabric requirements for making this quilt all the way up to KING SIZE! 

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Closing in on Valentine Swap Deadline!

Remember that the last day to turn in your 4"x6" Valentines is Wednesday, February 9th at 5pm. Remember embellishments are welcome just make sure it is mailable in an envelope. 
See the picture of the car below that was parked outside the shop today....
Wow! The owner really takes embellishment to the extreme!
A huge thank you to everyone who is participating in the Valentine Swap. We are so tickled with what you came up with and with how many people are participating! We love that we have some first time post card makers! Be warned! It is addictive!!!
Thank you so much!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Busy Week!

Stack the Deck Revisited

Quilters Crossing hosted two workshops taught by the talented and fun Karla Alexander.  Karla has six published books and her seventh is in the works! Her latest Stack the Deck Revisted is pictured here at the right----------------------->
She spoke at Tri County Quilt Guild on Tuesday night and she had us all laughing and crying as she shared her quilting journey from her childhood watching her mother quilt to her adult life as a professional quilt designer and teacher. 
She had some fun techniques and she gave us all a lot of confidence  for cutting, sewing  and pressing curves.
It turns out that neither Karla or I really like having our picture taken so we tried to cover up with her quilts:
 Not sure why she doesn't like having her picture taken??? She is so photogenic and SHE kept her eyes open! True to form I didn't. 
On Wednesday night Quilters Crossing was the "Spotlight Shop" at the Woodlands Quilt Guild's monthly meeting.
We were allowed to hand out coupons and freebies and we were allowed to give a little information about the highlights of our shop. 
We really enjoyed the meeting which even had refreshments. The guild President Debbie Shelton makes a delicious Wassail!   Our thanks to them for the warm welcome. The speaker was Karen McTavish:
Who entertained us all with her humorous trial-by-fire entry into the quilting world.  
My camera did something weird here- maybe it is starting to show people's auras? I don't know... sorry. But this quilt was beautiful.
So we had a really star studded week! And to top it all off it is supposed to snow tonight!