Sunday, February 4, 2018


We took this staff photo at our recent open house event and jokingly some of the ladies said- if I have less wrinkles in a black and white version let's use that one! So when I was manipulating the photo to post it on our facebook and website I did experiment with a black and white version- thanks to the miracle of photo effects on my phone. In comparing the two photos my eye was immediately drawn to the values revealed in the black and white version.
Here are the two photos:

When the color is leached out of the photo in the black and white version suddenly all you can see are the values of the fabrics (surrounding a great looking group of quilters!). Value is something customers struggle with a lot. I was particularly interested in this part of the picture:
When I looked at the colored photo that series of red-orange grunge dots all look pretty dark but look how that changes in the black and white version:
In the black and white version only that ONE darkest red bolt looks like a dark. The others are suddenly much lighter. This is a great example of how our perception of value is often skewed by color. Our eyes are very distracted by color, often the only way to see true value is to remove the color and look at things in black and white.

Many of us are drawn to bright colors in a medium value. When we look in our stashes they are full of medium value fabrics. They are like eye candy, we love them! But, to make an interesting quilt often times we need to have a variation in value. 
The stunning Lone Star Quilt below was made by one of our customers. It's colors are all from the yellow-green-blue part of the rainbow, a very popular choice for many quilters. What makes this quilt even more successful is the use of value.

Here is the black and white version of the quilt where you can see even WITHOUT color the quilt is very successful because of her changes in value. You can still make out all the elements of the quilt and indeed it seems to glow from the center, even in black and white, all because of her value placements.

At the shop we see quilts everyday that depend on value to convey the pattern just as this quilt does. Often taking a picture of a quilt or a group of fabrics you are considering for a quilt with your cell phone camera, and then converting the picture to black and white is a very useful tool in guiding your choices for a deeper more value filled quilt!

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Open House and Upgrades!

Hi everyone! We are now Quilters Crossing 2.0-- just kidding but we have made some upgrades and positive changes as you can see on our website! Click here to see!

We now have our website open for class sign ups online! So you can sign up for classes in your PJ's if you want! We are working on having some products online for sale as well and it will come in time. 
Meantime we have introduced a new system in the shop where we have computers at each cutting table- no  more post its with your fabric cuts written down. This cuts down on errors and it also makes the check out line move more quickly. 

We are slowly moving our rewards bonus information to the new system but with a few thousand customers it takes some time to do this. Please hang in there with us. It will all transfer and your rewards will continue to accumulate in the meantime!

This weekend is our Open House! From 10am-4pm please enjoy our hospitality, ask questions of our teachers, sign up for classes, and take advantage of our 25% off sale on all in stock merchandise. We have a 1/2 yd minimum cut on this day only. We will not CUT fat quarters but any that are already cut are included in the sale price as are notions, batting, tools, rulers, thread and patterns.

Parking: PLEASE do not park directly in front of Gloyers or Haven. These businesses need their customers to have spots as well. Please note that you CAN park behind our building OR at the Spirit of Texas bank which is closed on Saturdays! Please refrain from parking at TAD's Bar and Grill unless you are a paying customer to their restaurant! They CAN and will Tow your vehicle if you do.
Image result for method of payment
We will accept cash or check payments for classes on Saturday and you may pay with a credit card at check out also but we will turn off the website purchasing during business hours on Saturday to prevent any confusion and overfilling.
Image result for patience
Image result for tri county quilt guild logoPlease remember this is not a quick in and out day at the shop. We try to offer you the best help we can and to cut accurately but this does take time. We have drinks and snacks in the classroom to sweeten you up and keep everyone in a good humor!

We will be giving out "passports" that you can have each teacher sign in the classroom. If you complete your passport and turn it in  you are eligible for a goody bag prize drawing.

Tri- County Quilt Guild will be in the classroom with their raffle quilt (tickets for purchase!) and postcards reminding you of their upcoming show at the Berry Center! 

See you Saturday!