Wednesday, May 27, 2015

New Shop up and Running!

Quilters Crossing is now located at:
1006 W. Main Street
Tomball, Texas 77375

Here are some before and after pics: 




AND more (happily ever) AFTERS:

We love our new home and hope you will too. 

We want to say a special thank you to the following people who we simply must thank for their hard work and help:
Wendee Coon (painting was never such fun!),
Margaret (sure I can take one more bolt) Persinger, 
Kathy (I've gotta pick-up and I am not afraid to use it) Ryan, 
Mary (supervisor extraordinaire!)Bradford, 
Marion (whatever ya need) Page, 
Ann Keilers and her energizer bunny grandaughter!, 
Jeanne (I am going to sneak in to help) Brown, 
Hedda Meyer and Susi Looney (for food and love!)
Nancy and JOHN* "UNZ" :-), 
Dolores and Jeff Wood (need a job done- Call a Marine!), 
Brian Coston (strength, humor and a damn good eye for color!), Zac Kinion (sure I can move a store after swimming a couple miles at practice no problem...), 
Belinda (how much can I fit in my truck) Burmeister, 
Louis (what do you want me to hang NOW????) Terlikoski 
and of course our wonderful family!
Without this guy.........
..................none of this would have been possible! 
Thank you Tom/Dad for making our vision a reality! 
Much love: 
Deb & the gals