Thursday, August 21, 2014

Dresden Plate Class with Margaret Persinger

Our very own Margaret Persinger:
Is teaching this Dresden Plate class at the shop. The class is offered in two sessions from 5-8pm beginning on:
September 25 and finishing up on October 23. Cost: $40 
 The Dresden Plate quilt block has an interesting history which you can read about by clicking HERE. I am sort of nerdy so I like reading about stuff like that.
 You even get to do the mini version! 
Isn't that an adorable cornerstone!
This project is a great way to use up scraps! Learn a new technique or two on this classic and historical block. Some folks are learning the techniques in class and doing only a few blocks to make pillows or table runners if they don't want a whole quilt.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

So small you might have missed it at Open house!

One of our teachers, Tina offers a class on these sweet embellished Needlebooks: A great way to learn and practice hand embroidery stitches and you end up with a beautiful and useful product. 
What will yours look like?
Will you keep it or give it as a gift?
 Spots for pins, needs, scissors, seam ripper etc...

 the back side:
 Or a different option:
 Still with felt pages for pins, needles, appliques:
 Pockets for tools etc...
 And another beautifully embellished back side:
Still room in the class! 
 Class meets 3 times: Saturday 11/22, 12/6 and 12/13 
from 10 am-1pm. 
A new technique is taught at every $15 session. 
,Would make a great Christmas gift or birthday gift

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Open House wrap up

Folks we had a great day with you today! It is always fun to have everyone jazzed up about taking new classes and learning new things. 

Remember you can continue to sign up for any classes that are not full anytime at the shop, Open house is kind of a "kickstarter" but if you couldn't make it you can still take a class if you'd like.
Class supplies are 15% off for students enrolled in the class AND you get 15% anything you buy on the day of your class!

A little trivia for you... fabric from this bolt of fabric sold about a dozen times today! Sometimes I didn't even get it back on the shelf before someone else wanted some! And unbelievable there is still a wee bit left. I can't wait to see some of the cute projects that you all make with it!
Have a great weekend! Happy Sewing!

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

OPEN HOUSE 101: FAQ's about the upcoming Open House

What is an Open House?
Open house is usually scheduled twice a year at our shop. The classroom is open that day and the teachers are present with all their class samples, answering questions and taking sign ups for the classes, handing out supply lists etc.... We ask that you bring cash or checks to sign up for classes that day.  Refreshments are free to anyone in the classroom.  In the shop, there is a store wide sale!
Wait! there is a sale?
Yes! Saturday August 16th from 10 am - 4 pm we are having a 25% off, store wide sale on in-stock inventory (1/2 yard cuts or more). All notions, patterns, accessories, rulers, thread, batting and of course fabric are all included in the sale. It is a fantastic day to buy backings, batting, that ruler your friend has that you have had your eye on...
What should I bring?
Bring your CALENDAR- many classes have multiple meetings and you will need to make sure you are available to get the largest benefit your instructors can offer you. Bring cash or checks to sign up for classes! Pay for those in the classroom please. Wear comfy clothes and shoes and please don't be in a rush.
Is it crowded?
Yup! It is crowded. We do our best to expedite the process by encouraging customers to pay for their classes by check or cash out in the classroom with the teachers, we will not cut fat quarters on sale day though any that are cut in the shop you may purchase- we spend lots of time the week before Open House cutting fat quarters to boost our supply for you!  We have two cutting tables going all day, one will be hiding in the back room-hey aren't you glad you read the blog!  We provide refreshments and as much seating as we can outside on the porches to make you comfortable and hopefully able to enjoy the day despite the crowd and the line. 
Where should I go first the classroom or the shop?
We recommend checking out the classroom first. You can pick up a supply list for classes and then eliminate the need for multiple trips through the checkout line.
I can't make it does that mean I can't sign up for a class?
You can sign up for a class at the shop anytime. Before or after open house. You will get our standard 15% off class supplies on any other day.
Do I have to pay for my class at Open House?
Yes that guarantees your spot in the class. Checks aren't cashed until the class takes place so if you decide not to do the class and notify us in advance your payment is refundable.
Are credit cards accepted?
Yes, we accept credit cards INSIDE the shop. You are welcome to pay for your purchase in the shop with a credit card. We ask you to pay for your classes in the classroom by cash or check with your teacher, this makes the check out line a little faster.
Can I prepare ahead of time?
Wow! You are an over achiever! YES you can prepare! Check out our classes on the website! This will give you time to relax, think over all the options and make good choices for yourself. This will also allow you to call all your quilty friends and coordinate what classes you want to take together!
It's overwhelming in the classroom, so much eye candy with all the beautiful projects on the wall! Use the website and do some homework- jot down questions you have, teachers your want to meet, classes you are interested in and of course a shopping list! The calendar is up to date as is the class description pdf! 

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

The Spice Girls make Table runners!

Now don't get too excited... I don't think any of these ladies is married to an attractive British Soccer player but they were making the Spicy Spiral Table Runner!
Above is "Soft Spice"- with her masterpiece almost ready for quilting- she is in her pastel period as a quilt artist ( see Baltimore album post from couple weeks ago!).
Below: "Baby Spice" with a slightly different pattern in mind but sewn all by herself! :-) 
She was helping Grandma in class.
 Below is "Cranberry Spice" She is a lover of a certain color scheme....
 Here is "Autumn Spice" with her fall color spiral
 Here is "Happy Spice" she was having a good time working on her beautiful runner.
 And here is teacher, ahem... "Bulls Eye Spice", she is not using her sharp shooting skills in this picture but her talent behind the machine is spot on!
Now who borrowed my Spice Girls CD?????