Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Steady Betty and Sale Fabrics

We have started carrying "Steady Bettys".  
Have you heard of these?
We have two sizes as you can see....
They are unique pressing surfaces for quilters.  The boards have a spongy coating on both sides and you can press on either side.  What is cool is that it sort of grips the table you have it laying on so it doesn't slide around while you are pressing-- BUT your fabric also stays put on the board while you are pressing it which keeps you from distorting your fabric with your iron!  
The other cool thing is the board! Have you ever burned yourself while trying to manipulate fabric on your ironing board because your board has gotten really hot? Steady Betty stays cooler, no more burnt fingers from your board, you can lift your fabric off  and move it around safely much more quickly.
We have a few in the classroom for anyone to try and some for sale in the shop. 
On sale for 30% off:Tea Party 
( we even have 2 kits available for this!) 
Originally $45.99 now Only $32.20
And also 30% off is Mrs. Green Thumbs:
It has a 6 block panel too:

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