Thursday, November 21, 2013

Christmas on Commerce Street!

The town of Tomball is having a lamp post decorating contest for all the shops on Commerce Street. It is being judged tomorrow (before the holiday parade on Saturday morning!). So I snapped some pictures of all the lamp posts participating. The pictures don't do them justice and I recommend stopping by to check them out. (avoid parade traffic on Saturday morning though!)
Some are very clever and it is great to get your holiday spirit started!
 Our neighbor Burlap Ranch!
 This one was cute they made the lamp post look like a palm tree with Santa Flamingos and a beach chair!
 Legacy Beauty Academy had some cute gold scissors and golden hair dryers on theirs!

 a ribbon extravaganza!

 This one was clever too- using a huge tire as a wreath!
Gigi's and Sally's on our other side.
It was fun watching all the business owners being creative and taking part in the Tomball Community! Hope everyone gets a chance to stop by and see them in person!
A fun and happy start to the holiday season!

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  1. I'll have to check out all the lamp post this weekend when I'm out and about. They all look great.