Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The Quilters Crossing Gals

So we were all dressed and ready to go to Preview Night of the International Quilt Show when the weather report went sour.... Rain, flooding and severe thunderstorms threatening all night long.
So we decided to wait and go on Sunday- more time there, safer...
 But since we were all at the shop together- which very rarely happens we decided (I begged!) everyone to take a group photo. Now, anyone who knows us knows that Deb, Nancy and Mandy have "issues" with photos. The three of us avoid pictures at all costs but, you know for the record, and the memory of these good times with these wonderful ladies we took the pictures!
 Deb joked and asked if she could hide behind the sign so we were taking a silly photo but, at first only two of us hid our faces and my daughter (our photographer) was laughing and saying, "You guys know only TWO of you are actually doing it right?" So then we got it together and coordinated our joke picture! (Above)
And miracle of MIRACLES we managed TWO yes 2 pictures with all our eyes opened! See the evidence above and below!  
For the record, there were more pictures that didn't make the cut-- for various reasons--I was making a goofy face, Deb blinked, Nancy turned away, BUT, TJ looked GREAT in every single picture people! I mean to say, she is one photogenic lady, pretty in pictures and in person!
Hope everyone has a great week visiting the International Quilt Show! We will have tickets while supplies last.

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  1. All the pictures were great. Love how y'all hid behind the sign but the one was with smiles shining faces.