Friday, July 2, 2010

Gift Tag Tutorial

So you spend days, weeks, months (or even years) making that special gift for someone you love and then you BUY a card to put with it? Why not make a cute gift tag that coordinates with the gift or the wrapping? It is easy and has lots of creative options.

So here is our first free tutorial! (We’ll be giving one of these gift tags out to each of our first 50 customers when the shop opens. But, if that isn’t soon enough for you...) You can make your own after reading this tutorial.

Here is what you're going to need to make one gift tag:

Scrap of fabric about the size of your hand

Colored card stock that compliments your fabric choice

White card stock

10 inches of Ribbon (quarter inch wide) or yarn that matches and/or compliments the card stock and fabric

Machine sewing thread that matches or compliments your card stock and fabric

Rotary cutter or scissors for paper

Rotary cutter for fabric ( pinking blade optional)

Sewing machine

Glue stick

Hole punch

1.) Select the fabric or card stock you’d like to use for your tag. Personally, I have way more colors of fabric than I do of card stock so, I picked my card stock first and took that to my fabric stash where I was quickly able to find fabric that suited my paper color! You can coordinate with the gift, or the wrapping paper, or bag you’ve selected.

2.)You’ll need to cut the fabric piece to 2.5” x 4”.

I like to cut mine with a pinking blade on my rotary cutter because it gives it a little something extra (and I bought the darn blade and have only used it once so why not?) Save your straight blades for your next sewing project!

3.) Cut your piece of solid colored card stock *with your paper rotary blade or scissors* to 3” x 5” .

4. Cut 2 pieces of plain white card stock. Piece one should measure 1.25” x 3” ( mine has our logo on it yours can have whatever message you’d like on it ). Piece two should measure 2.5” x 4” (use your paper rotary or scissors!)

5. Use a swipe of the glue stick on the wrong side of the fabric piece just a slight swipe will do (it is just to hold it in place as you sew it down). Place this wrong side down on your colored card stock, leaving a 1/4 frame of card stock around it on 3 sides, as shown--leave room on one short end for the hole and ribbon to lace through.

6. Now again use just a swipe of glue stick on the smaller piece of white card stock.
Mine have our shop logo on them, as you can see. Center this piece on the fabric- glue side down.
7.Sew around the small rectangle on top using a zig zag or a straight stitch.

8. Flip your project over and you'll see your stitches are visible on the back.
9. Glue your last piece of card stock down with a healthy amount of glue stick. This piece should neatly cover up all the stitches from the other side.
10. Take the exposed short end ( the one without the fabric) and punch a hole in the center.
11.Fold your ribbon in half. Insert the loop in the hole.

and then pull the tails through the loop, as shown. Tighten the tails gently.

You did it! Here is what each side will sort of look like.
But wait! Here are some other options you might add to yours to personalize it for your purpose. Cheyenne added a Zentangle picture she doodled in place of the shop logo.
Or you can just write a message like I did on this one
If you make a gift tag, please share in the comments to this post how you chose to personalize it. Your creativity might just inspire a fellow crafter!


  1. How cute! I'll take all 50!!

  2. Oh no you won't! I'll take some too! Great idea!

  3. So glad to hear yall are open! I'll be in on Monday to take a look! Welcome Aboard!

  4. Loved them! The only change I would make is to use the same color card stock on the reverse side rather than the white stock.