Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Featured Artist

We have been tossing around lots of ideas for the shop. One idea, was to have a featured artist every month. We would like this to be a local quilt/fiber artist. We will have a spot in the shop to display some of their work and, hopefully we'll be able to have them visit the shop during their "reign" as featured artist. We'll also link to their website or blog ( if they have one) and we will post an interview with them.
This is where you come in! Now there is no shortage of talent in our area. Who would you like to see featured? Who inspires you? Challenges you? Makes you laugh? What would you like to ask them? If you have read any old issues of Quilter's Home,( from when Mark Lipinski was in charge) the last page of the magazine was always an interview with some colorful and atypical interview questions. "What color is your toe nail polish?", "Who is the most famous person you have ever met?", " What do you always have to have in your purse?" Any zany, creative questions you can think of please post in a comment and we'll try to incorporate them in our interviews with the artist.

Other news: samples are in the works! I will be posting a pattern review later this week with pictures of a quilt top. Yes a quilt!


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  2. Thanks Miss Diane!!! They ARE cute aren't they!
    Thank you Mom for showing my toes to the world... or whoever reads this awesome blog.

  3. Cheyenne's toeies are very cute! How about Dolores Wood as a featured local artist? And Susi Looney?

  4. Yes! Thanks Judy good suggestions!