Sunday, October 28, 2012

Quilt Market Week

 Quilt Market Week is always very energy filled for quilters. Lots of people from around the world start piling into Houston to celebrate QUILTING! The ladies in the picture above are from New Mexico where they have a shop called Bernina Sewing and Design . They rented a limo upon reaching Houston to go around town visiting local shops in style! We enjoyed their visit and appreciate them making our shop a part of their tour!
 "Schoolhouse" for shop owners and personnel was on Friday at the George R Brown.
 Deb sent her two shop minions assistants:
Aren't iphones great!
Mandy (me!) and Nancy had a great time learning about running a better quilt shop, new products, new designers etc... We have been sharing our notes and ideas with Deb so look for good things in the future from the fruits of our day off extensive research.
 One of the schoolhouse sessions which had us the most excited was Mini Mosaics with Paula Doyle but........
 who is that pretty blonde I spy over on the left?
my apologies to Miss Doyle, I took several pictures of you and Venetta and unfortunately you seem to be afflicted with the same disease I have when the camera is turned on me, I call it "closemyeyesa-titus". I really wanted to include your wonderful book in this post though so I found the best picture I could!
 Why, that is our own Venetta Morger! She is personal friends with the author and promises to teach the technique at the shop! So watch for opportunities in the future for that!
 Look at these perfect mini mosaics!
These were made into a purse! 
We still have quilt show tickets for sale! Stop in before Preview Night or you will be stuck waiting in line downtown!!

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