Wednesday, October 17, 2012

New/Old Fabrics

Moda came out with this line "Summer Breeze" last year and it sold so well that they decided to make a "greatest hits album" out of it and reprinted some of the best bolts. 
We ordered some as it was a favorite amongst our customers:

Blank Textiles had this adorable sheep fabric available 
and we couldn't say no: 
These sheep are knitting! 
Wouldn't that be cute to make a Knitting needle holder out of?
 And these cupcakes were just too cute to pass up!
We also received some batiks the other day:

 And we are continuing our cat/produce collection with these two that just came out:
 And for our machine embroidery bee members, this is the second set of patterns and they come with the cd to whip these up for you or for some friends!

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