Thursday, August 23, 2012

Open House and more news!

Just a reminder that our open house is Saturday from 9:30-2:30 and the store will be open until 4:30pm. It is traditionally very busy before 1 pm and then things settle down a bit, if you are looking to time your outing for thinner crowds.
Open house is the day when all our teachers are invited to come in with their samples and show off the classes they are offering at our shop in the coming months. It's like a quilt show out there in the classroom and we have refreshments and snacks too!
 In the shop there is a store wide 25% off sale- fabrics(1/2 yard cuts or more), precut fabrics, notions, thread, and patterns! 
Quilt Across Texas starts on September 1st. 
This is a teaser - Deb made this Mondo bag from the Quilt Across Texas Jellyroll we'll have for sale starting September 1st. If you are interested in this bag, Dolores is also offering it as a class!
The pincushion swap has been receiving some interest and you still have 3 weeks to turn yours in! 
By Rhonda
By Rhonda
We have two turned in already! (see the pictures above) Rhonda used her embroidery machine for these and they are both nice and heavy filled--with ground walnut shells and made of wool.  We now have ground walnut shells available at the shop.

I also noted, around the store, we have several patterns for pincushions if you are someone who prefers to follow a pattern rather than invent one yourself! Check these out:

Or look online! Tons of tutorials, ideas etc... Mandy even has a whole board devoted to pincushions on Pinterest! You can link to Deb's and see what she is pinning too! 

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  1. One day I'll make an open house. Hope it was a success. Well I have no doubt it was. Love your shop.