Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Just for Fun --- Facts About Us

Free Folgers Coffee1. Not one of us is a "Morning Person".

2. We all have at least a dozen UFO's.

3.We all drink coffee but one of us will ONLY drink Folgers coffee.

4. None of us are native Texans but we all got here as fast as we could!

5. There is a always stash of Chik-Fil-A sauce in the fridge at the shop.
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6. We each own at least two cats.

7. We all love to play Scrabble/Words with Friends.
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8. One of us likes to get the mail from the mailbox AS SOON as it is delivered.

9. Two of us wear our natural hair color. One of us has hair that is "enhanced".

10. We sometimes flip the OPEN sign to CLOSED when we see the UPS man coming.

11. We each have two children a boy and a girl and the girl is older for all three of us!

Bonus: We have the Soup of the Day schedule for the Whistle Stop Tea Room memorized.

Brought together by chance? I think not!


  1. This is hilarious! ... where'd you find that picture of me and Malibu? ... and is that actually a snake coming out of the back of your sewing machine? WOW! Funny that we have so much in common :o)

  2. Great post. A SNAKE?
    Had me smiling right away.