Sunday, February 19, 2012

Can I borrow a grandchild?

These fabrics came in this week and I am just itching to make something with them but my nearly 12 and 15 year old children are probably not going appreciate it if I make something for them out of these.
 Stripes and plaids *love* the fabric on the above right that looks like polka dots is really buttons!
 The cars and trucks have buttons and zippers on them super cute!

 Simple and cute pattern:
 Look at the cute panel, they use it in the pattern to put a child's name on the quilt.
 And for the little girls:

This artist has a very "Mary Englebreit" feel to her work. Happy and fun. 
 This fabric above is so whimsical! I love it.


  1. You can make something for my granddaughters and soon to be born grandson! I'll call you Auntie Mandy!

  2. You can make something the quads my friend is having. She'll need plenty of goodies with that many joining the family. ;o)