Sunday, January 29, 2012

New notions

We found a few new notions available from a couple of our suppliers so we thought we'd see if anyone was interested.
First we have Karen Kay Buckley's Perfect Ovals: comprised of multiple sizes of ovals to make your hand applique ovals have perfect edges. As all of her templates are, these are are made of a heat resistant mylar. 
Next Bias Bars: Make your own bias tape in multiple widths with these. Thinner than the plastic version, and therefore able to press into a crisper edged bias tape. 
Be careful though these babies get hot!
 Lastly, Sewline (our favorite brand for marking tools) have come out with a new TRIO pencil. Now they have the Sewline TRIO Colors with three different colors of lead in one tool- truly useful tool for almost anyone marking almost ANY quilt!

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  1. Spiffy little tools! Y'all have everything a quilter could want and if not you'll find it.