Sunday, January 1, 2012


Our next challenge is called "Pick a Card, Any Card".
Rules: You select a greeting card of your choice and use it as a springboard to make a small art quilt. 
You can reproduce it at a slightly larger scale as the example above shows or, you may use it as inspiration and produce something "based on" that card.  Artistic license is welcome here. You must own the actual card  because of copyright laws and it must be turned in with your art quilt, ( a photo of the card is not allowed ). It can be a greeting card you own already ( check all those Christmas cards you just received!) or you can peruse the aisle of your local store and find one.
Sizes: At a minimum the quilt must be at least as big as the card you are using. Maximum size is 18" on any side.
Mixed Media is welcome but, the quilt must be fabric based and quilted. Above and beyond that, the sky is the limit- beads, paper, lace etc... anything you want (so long as we can hang it). 
No purchase required to participate.
Entries must be turned, in person by Saturday, March 31st. The quilts and cards will be displayed at the shop from April 1st until April 30th.  During this time viewers can vote for their favorite (One vote per person).  Anyone entering the shop can vote on a quilt ( no purchase required).
The winner of the Viewers Choice award receives a $50 gift card from Quilters Crossing.
All the other entries will be thrown in a hat and one entrant's name  will be pulled to win another $50 gift card! 
(**Sorry, United States entrants only please as we are not yet equipped to deal with the money change.**)
So you have two chances to win a $50 gift card if you participate!
Winners will be announced May 1st. 
Entries can be retrieved on May 1st by their owners.

Good luck to all!

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