Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Needle Knowledge!

Superior Bob has a bunch of great videos on "youtube" which are really informative! The one above discusses the importance of your needle and which needle to choose.  
Go to and search for Superior Threads to see other videos on other pertinent subjects like, thread choice, thread features and even really technical stuff like how your tension discs are supposed to work.
Superior Threads also has a really great free newsletter you can sign up for on their site and I could not live without their two charts which tell you which needle, tension level etc... go with each of their threads (Click here for: home sewing machines reference chart and here for: long arm machines reference chart!)  I have these printed out hanging near my machines and often times I even write notes to myself with what adjustment worked specifically for my machine such a timesaver! -- yes I ocassionally have a moment of brilliance!
Things have settled down at the shop since the Quilt Across Texas has ended. I have a mental image of hundreds of people home diligently sewing all the projects they bought when they were shop-hopping! With the holidays around the corner I guess I better get busy too!

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