Thursday, October 20, 2011

The Big Reveal and Terrain Kits!

So Linda wasn't able to comment on the blog but she did text in the answer and due to her diligence in getting us the answer we declare her winner, thus she wins a yard of one of these fabrics of her chosing!
And now presenting Amy Butler's newest line "Lark"
 Cobalt Blue is "in" this season!

 Persimmon too!
 All together now!
We also now have kits available for Terrain seen below:
 Kits include a layer cake of the fabric-which really cuts down on your cutting time allowing you to start sewing more quickly and see your project come together sooner!
The pattern (which is a free download from uses a little over a yard of a border around the patchwork blocks.  I altered this-- using the leftover 2.5 inch strips of layer cake. I pieced them together side by side ( 28 for the top and the same on the bottom) to create a piano key border on the top and bottom, then went around that with more white to complete the quilt as you see it here:
The kits have enough white to complete it either way but you'll have to buy a border of your chosing if you would like to complete the quilt as the pattern indicates.  Either way you'll have a gorgeous quilt!

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