Sunday, September 12, 2010

Pattern Review

Fresh Picked by Heather Bailey

As many of you know I am a blog reader, and have been a long time reader of Heather Bailey's blog so when we were first ordering things for the store I was keen to try some of her adorable patterns and get some of her fabrics as well. She has kind of a retro-meets-mod feel to her products with a healthy bit of whimsy and fun.  This pattern has been a big seller in the store since our first day. 
These pattern pieces are clearly drawn and fit together nicely- a key feature in a dimensional product like these cute little stuffies- suitable to be used as pincushions or toys for kids outfitting their play kitchens! The written directions are understandable as well as being complemented nicely by well drawn illustrations.  
She recommends using a light fusible interfacing on the cotton fabric pieces which helps your final product keep its shape. I made one sample following this direction and one without and was satisfied both ways. I think perhaps if I was making this for a child I would use the interfacing just to strengthen it a bit more.
Many of her patterns use felt to embellish them and we carry Heather Bailey's felt line in several colors to compliment the patterns. Her felt is higher quality than most and made of blends like wool, bamboo and rayon to add softness and even a little sheen.  It is much nicer than the typical felt you find at discount craft stores. We sell the felt in individual pieces in the shop. We also have several bolts of fabric from Ms. Bailey's line called Nicey Jane. 
As far as I can see the only thing wrong with this pattern is that, it is unclear on the cover that you get four patterns in one package- a pear, apple, tomato and strawberry.
This is a quick to make pattern, uses very little fabric and would be an adorable gift!

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  1. I want to say thanks for carrying such a great inventory-Heather Bailey's apron pattern "Spice" makes a traditional apron something stylish to wear.