Friday, August 20, 2010

Scissor Guy and a freebie

So the "Scissor Guy"is making his monthly visit to our shop on August 31.  He sharpens scissors, knives, and rotary blades for a small fee. 
You may drop off as many of these items as you'd like between now and his visit. We'll tag them, he'll sharpen them on the 31st and you can come pick them up thereafter! 
Oh!  but, wait what is the freebie you might be saying? The freebie is for each person who drops off items for sharpening we'll give you a free fat quarter of your choosing- note this is one per person not one per scissor!  Just a little way to say thanks for supporting our business and our Scissor Guy!
108 Commerce Street, Tomball 
281-516-7515 Open 7 days a week!!

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