Friday, September 13, 2019

Observations in a quilt shop

Something we have noticed repeatedly over the years, is the oddly large number of customers who subconsciously wear the color they are shopping for. 

In January I started collecting pictures of this phenomena and here is a curated set of pictures documenting this! 

Thank you to all the customers (and employees!) who were willing to allow us to post pictures of them-- there were many more who were not in their words "hair and make-up ready" and they declined, which we completely understand! 
Some of you had some fun with this! :-)We hope you enjoy! 
It always makes us smile when it happens at the shop.
Caught Deb in the act! 

Tanya couldn't figure out why she was drawn to this fabric that day????
Elsa needed red and white stripes that day!
Friends should always coordinate!

Valerie having a little fun with it!

Even our youngest customers were guilty of it! Check out this little cutie perched on her mama's hip! She matched her fabric all by herself!
She's got the blues!
Both colors she was wearing!
I mean come on.... even the same shade of green!
Then we start getting into the over achievers who matched their whole outfits!

I swear they were not told of this before hand! Jessica almost has them stacked in the correct order even!
Pat here wins the ultimate award! I mean she hit it on the nose!
Thanks everyone have a great weekend!

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