Friday, October 10, 2014

Boyfriend fabric

So five years ago I took a class from Cara Gulati, we later became friends because, well, she is just sort of awesome!  

Anyway...Cara saw me stroking one of my fabrics that I was just in love with and I was reluctant to cut even though I had picked it and brought it for the quilt we were making in class. 
When I explained my dilemma she said very simply, "Oh it's your boyfriend fabric!"
She went on to explain what "boyfriend fabric" was- (it is different for everyone) but in a nutshell : a fabric you just gotta have, you have a crush on it but you can't make the commitment to cut it and use it in a project because then you couldn't sit and look at it anymore. It is so pretty you have to buy it but you can't bear to use it because then it would be gone!  You get my drift...
Oh yes! I had "boyfriend fabric" for sure!
Fast forward 5 years:
Okay so at the shop this week we doubled our Kaffe Fassatt collection. When we opened the box I knew I was in trouble. There were several "boyfriend fabrics" in there. 
Yup and a few other customers felt the puppy love as well! 
Thankfully we can all have a piece of these, without breaking up any relationships! 

boyfriend fabric #1
boyfriend fabric #2
boyfriend fabric #3

boyfriend #4

Boyfriend #5

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