Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Shop Hop!

As I said in an earlier post, we are participating in the Greater Houston Area Shop Hop later this month (March 26-29). 
There is a quilt at the center of this hop seen below:
Each participating shop will sell a part of the quilt kit. You will need to travel to all the shops to buy all the parts for the quilt- doing so however puts you in the running for some big prizes!
Here are some close ups to tempt you:
 Its a sampler quilt featuring Moda Wildflower fabrics sprinkled throughout and lovely tone on tones from Northcott's Toscana color wall.
Simple to traditionally piece! 

 We hope it is a big hit on the hop!

You can also purchase finishing kits which add borders to this beauty or you can quilt it and bind it as we have.


  1. A real disappointment......worse than last year's project....

  2. Anonymous, I am sorry you are disappointed by the quilt. I am sure that the local quilt artist who designed it did her best and I know she took previous criticism into account attempting to make it brighter yet still with a Texas theme. It has received some positive feedback from folks at the shop. I hope that you will consider giving feedback in future comments so that the product might be improved and be more to your liking in the future.

  3. How much are the blocks at each shop going to cost?

  4. There's bright and then there's garish and gaudy. One person who looked at the picture said it seems as though the leftovers from a dozen or so different projects were just thrown together - no thought or planning whatsoever regarding colors and patterns. It certainly doesn't read "Texas" at all. It's not necessary for the project quilt to be Texas-themed. "Colors of Hope" wasn't. And I just read on the shop hop site that in order to have a chance at the Janome, you have to buy all the kits for this quilt?? That's just wrong. Everyone who takes part in the hop should be eligible for the machine, no purchase necessary. No one should be forced to buy the kits for this poorly designed quilt to have a chance for the Janome.

    1. Anonymous, Thank you for taking the time to give constructive criticism. Hopefully with lots of feedback the projects design will reflect the desires of the Houston Quilting community in future hops. As I said while it is obviously not to your taste many people do like the quilt and have called the "leftover" look you describe as "eclectic". The squeaky wheel gets the grease! So please continue to give feedback and tell us what you want in a project! It takes all kinds!
      I believe there are two large prizes, one is a machine and that, as you read is tied to the quilt. However, I believe Grand prize is a retreat for 8 people. And it was not tied to the quilt but only to the hop itself so there are two ways to play. (Not to mention there are various other gifts, drawings etc... associated with the hop). I am sorry that rule made you unhappy and I hope that it doesn't ruin the fun for you. As I said there are many other good prizes that have been donated by the participating shops to be given to participants. I will be sure to note your feedback in our wrap up meeting, I really do appreciate your time in writing in.

  5. I personally like the bright colors and the quilt itself. I would take the quilt in a heart beat. Everyone is entitled to their taste and opinion.