Thursday, February 28, 2013

New product for Ruffling!

Ruffles have long been one of my favorite embellishments on sewn items but oh such a pain-in-the-butt to make! 
Enter this new Clover product called Fuse 'n Gather:
 It is a one-sided fusible tape with basting stitches running through it to make your ruffling experience a hassle free one!
 You align it along the edge to be ruffled  * blue thread side up!* 
leaving a small tail at each end:
Iron carefully in place using medium heat and allow to cool
 Separate the threads  
 and knot the blue threads together on ONE end:
Then go to the other (unknotted) end and begin to gather your ruffle until you reach your desired length:
If your tape detaches anywhere just flatten it out and repress with the warm iron 
(thorough pressing and cooling time eliminate this problem!) 
Pin in place distributing the ruffle evenly and baste in place! 
Wah-lah! Easiest ruffle I have EVER made:
My apron turned out great and in less than 2 hours start to finish!  
 I give this product an A+ and I see more ruffles in my future!