Wednesday, May 2, 2012

OMG That's "To Dye For"

Today Dolores had us rolling up our sleeves when she taught her class on Batik dyeing your own fabrics! 
Look at the fabulous examples she brought to inspire: 

And look at some of today's creations were by the students:
Beautiful and vibrant! 

 Action shot of Kim working on another piece:
Deborah with a finished piece: 
We'll be offering this class again! The students really enjoyed it.  
Dolores makes it very simple--students just  have to show up with some "Prepared for Dyeing" fabric and nothing else! 
No need to cart your machine in for this one. 
Hey - when is the last time you played with colors like this? 


  1. Sign me up! Love tye dye fabrics!!

  2. Oh MAN! I *so* want to take this class -- looks like everyone had a great time! Any chance there will be another class the first week of July ??? :D