Thursday, November 3, 2011

No more Quilt Show Tickets

Just letting you all know that we don't have any more quilt show tickets to sell. You can buy them down at the show though so you won't miss the show! Which is lovely make sure you run down there and check it out! 
Here are some striking quilts we saw down there on preview night!
 Above: a winner being interviewed
This picture above does not do this quilt justice. It was really fun to look at with all the beautiful elements of Christmas in it. It did have a bit of a sad story though, the maker did much of the handwork during her husbands Chemo treatments and he did not live to see the quilt completely finished.  How strong of her to persevere and finish. Very inspiring.

 Loved the neutrals in the quilt above and the pops of color. The quilting doesn't really show up in the shot but it was gorgeous.  I was thinking, this is the type of quilt that someone has to have to have vision to design because before the quilting it probably looked quite plain and boring with big spans of taupe but once quilted it was brave and subtle and I just loved it. You would have had to have faith that it would pop with the quilting, do you know what I mean?
 The value usage in this quilt was awesome! 
Look at the dimesion it creates!
The detail shot above is from the upper left corner of the picture below. Look at the trapunto look created. Love the tiny circles creating texture. 

Again another large scale shot with a detail shot this time below. These hexies were about the size of a nickle- Maybe. The smaller inset ones were small like a dime. 
can. not. imagine. doing. this. 
Oh my gosh it was gorgeous. 
This quilt below reminded me of my friend Susi Looney from Uncommon Quilts. She likes to play with machine applique design and even teaches a class at the shop on this very subject.
She has a new line of children's puzzles out just this month which feature quilts, check out her website if you have a chance. 

Detail shot above of the quilt below. Check out how they used organza (perhaps?) for the wings which gave a really realistic effect.  Note they are on a honeycomb and they have lovely quilt patterns on their bodies! Love the playfulness of this and it makes me want to try to play with that idea of combining tradition with modern!

 Lovely color gradation on the quilt above, note the beautiful detained quilting below in the detail shot.
This last one was just fun and happy and I took the picture thinking of my daughter. Very scrappy and happy.
So all three of the Quilters Crossing Gals were at Preview Night last night.  It was great to see good friends, customers and fellow guild members all celebrating our favorite hobby together! We are so lucky to live in Houston where we can see this kind of inspiration every year!

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