Thursday, August 18, 2011

Two Big Lines

We received two big lines this week
Radiance: It has this large focal print:
 And these accessories:
 And more:
 And more!
 And yes even more...!
 One last one in rich chocolate brown:
and along with these two lines we are announcing a couple of new products we will be selling on a trial basis to see if our customers would like these options in the shop. First we have pre-quilted fabrics ( such as you'd see made into Vera Bradley bags etc...). We have one seen here:
(Note it is different on each side- I have one draped over the other so you can see both options) we'll have other quilted fabric next month as part of Kate Spain's Terrain line by Moda.
We are also starting to carry a couple of canvas weight prints with our Hometown line by Moda seen here:
Perfect for aprons, home dec, tote bags, purses etc...
The other Hometown Fabrics are normal quilting weight quality cottons here they are:
 Here you see the core of the Hometown line, the prints are covered with the names of cities world wide. 
Maybe you will find your hometown on this fabric?
Polka Dots coordinates:
 a tiny soft little plaid:
 Sweet little flowers:

more accessory prints: 
 These three are covered with words relating to home like, family, village, territory etc...
Customer show and tell:
Mary Ann was inspired by our Jelly roll Race video. She bought this Bali Pop "Mango Margarita" comprised of 2.5 inch strip batiks
and made this colorful quilt top in 50 minutes. She also said once she got all the strips sewn end to end they went from her sewing machine all the way out of the room down the length of her house and back to the sewing machine again!  That is one long strip! Go Mary Anne!
Mary Ann has been sewing busily this week, she also brought in these beautiful purses made by fabric from our shop:

Happy Sewing everyone!

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