Sunday, November 14, 2010

Saturday Market Day Pattern Review

This adorable market bag designed by Heather Bailey could not be more suited to a day out shopping at the market or running errands.
 It opens surprisingly big 
but snugs in nicely to your shoulder and tucks under your arm like a smaller bag.  
It is reinforced by canvas but is completely lined and finished inside and out! It has design options including a reversible option, a one fabric design, the one I made with a contrasting fabric and bow, and you have the option of adding a magnetic snap closures.
I have made many bag patterns and the more "non-square" a bag is the more wasteful the patterns tend to be about fabrics usage.  In other words the more curvy and rounded your pattern pieces have to be cut the more fabric scraps afterwards you will tend to have that are hard to use in other projects because they are all bias cuts.  I love this pattern because it is curvy, fun and feminine but in the cutting layout and design Ms. Bailey has cleverly reduced the fabric waste with her pattern shapes and, the way she instructs you to fold the fabric.  Plus, the larger (reuseable) pieces you have left also have the selvage with them so you can easily cut them on the straight of grain.

I almost didn't make the design with the bow because I am not a "good" bow maker. I can tie my shoes of course but as far as making a pretty attractive just ain't happenin'! So I was delighted when I saw that this bow is a cheater and comes out perfect every time! Check this out!

The pattern is easy to read, easy to sew and came out well both times I tried it, it doesn't require lots of weird stuff that is hard to find and can be made in a sophisticated style or more whimsical.
You can check out a sample and pattern at the shop! The bag shown in the pictures is made with Michael Miller's Love bird print.  Too Cute!

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