Wednesday, June 9, 2010

A teacher becomes a student

Remember I said both Deb and Patricia are retired teachers? Well, Patricia has had a business for over a year now doing long arm quilting as The Celtic Quilter and selling Nolting Long Arm machines. As business partners now- Deb and Patricia both want to be able to use the long arm for customers and to answer questions about the machine so..... Patricia is teaching Deb some of the basics. Deb is a little hesitant, and I have to agree, it is easy to be intimidated by these large machines. I think Patricia was actually daring Deb to touch the machine here- (which was turned off).
No worries customers,--we'll make Deb start out on her own pile of quilt tops until she learns the ropes.
The beautiful results and speedy quilting the long arms provide are too good an opportunity to pass up! Deb will be whipping out beautiful quilts in no time!
For anyone interested in longarming Patricia will be going to a mini workshop later this month June 24-27 where they are giving classes, selling machines is the link to sign up if you are interested : Longarm Academy. It looks to be very informative!
Updates: I thought for a few seconds we were done with painting today(finally) but alas, I forgot the vaulted ceiling in the shop! It looks clean and bright in there now, just waiting to be filled with beautiful fabrics.
Friends are stopping by to see the shop daily and we are so grateful for the support.


  1. Love the photo of Deb & Trish laughing and having fun together. I have a feeling your shop is going to make everyone feel welcome and comfortable!

  2. We knew teaching would continue to be something you were meant to do. Yeah for teaching adults something you and they are both interested in doing!